About our foodbank

Here is an introduction to our project.

Thurrock foodbank was set up in 2012 as an initiative of the local churches in the borough. After spending six months preparing, identifying partners, setting up our first┬áthree foodbank centres, and collecting food we were ready to open in July. Since then the foodbank has grown so that we now have 10 centres spread across the borough and open from Tuesday to Saturday to provide the help that those in food crisis need. We work with over 50 different referral agencies, including the local Citizen’s Advice Bureau, health care providers, and other charitable groups, and rely on them to identify the people who most need the support foodbanks provide. Thurrock foodbank’s success is largely down to the enthusiasm of its volunteers and the generosity of local people who want to help their neighbours in a crisis. We truly are a Thurrock project that enables Thurrock people to help one another.

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